Product information

    Skin dryness is one of the most common symptoms associated with many skin conditions and diseases such as eczema and psoriasis though even it is not associated with skin condition it can be occur if daily and regular moisturizing is missed, so deep and multi benefit moisturizing effects needed and it all included in Loly Shea cream .the integrated moisturizing formula which introduce more and more beyond emollient effect as it contain 10 ingredient which fulfill all skins needed ingredient:

    Shea butter one of the best natural moisturizers as it is rich in fatty acids which important for skin nourishing and hydration, rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory which protect skin from oxidative stress and inflammation in order to maintain skin health and protect skin barrier

    vitamin E and C which offer anti-oxidant effect and rejuvenation of skin.

    Argan oil, wheat germ oil, Almond oil group of necessary oils for hydration and health of skin

    panthenol which offers powerful humectant effect.

    Beez wax which supports healing of skin and minimize irritation also in Loly shea cream.

    Dimethicone improves skin softness and flexibility.

    Zinc oxide: minimizes irritation, supports wound healing, and has antimicrobial effect.
    All this is in natural form, so it is so safe for body parts and skin types.
    Highly and rapidly absorbed without greasiness effect.
    It is indicated for all skin dryness disorders and post laser.
    It is available in 2 forms 30 gm and 50 gm.
    Egyptian manufactured with proper quality.